Enchanting music and choreography in

a wonderful street show


The Crazy Dolls would be delighted to join you in the streets of your town. Their energy and enthusiasm will charm you and reveal the hidden touch of craziness within you. 


Their three shows, “Les Poupées” (The Dolls) “Les Lumineuses” (The Luminescent Dolls), and 70’s Session, will light up your streets, bringing them a festive feel both day and night. 

Association Brouhaha Fabrik

89 rue Gilles Roberval

26000 Valence

06 13 51 31 61

Crédit photos :

Rémy B.

Arno Battistelli

Denis Debaisieux

Rémi Donnadieu

Jean Delmarty

Christophe Boillon

Jill Strong

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